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The Creation of

Speedy Grid™ 

Owning a growing gym requires constant attention and the list of priorities is endless. In a time of ever changing technology I searched for a more efficient way of scheduling my classes to ensure that every student had the best possible experience at my gym. Surprisingly I found NOTHING!!! Having a casual conversation with a new client - who just so happened to be a software designer - Speedy Grid™ was born!! At the same time I hired a new coach for our preschool program. I soon realized her hidden talents of Marketing and Design and quickly asked her to join us in making Speedy Grid™ come to life for everyone. This program has saved me hours of valuable time - what once took me 4-5 hours for a single day now happens in a fraction of that!!

-Shannon Wickel, CO-Founder

Schedule Your Rotations At Lightning Fast Speeds!

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