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Since 2009, Amilia has been an industry leader in areas like online registration, membership management, facility scheduling and much more. With a seamless checkout process, their clients enjoy an unmatched online experience that puts convenience and innovation above all else. Their goal is to empower community organizations to build lasting relationships with their residents and thrive in their city for years to come.

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How this benefits you...

Amilia’s integration with Speedy Grid allows your organization to upload all your activity data from Amilia (such as activity names, dates and times) to your Speedy Grid account in just a few clicks!

We offer a 33% discount on the software to all Amilia clients! 

Here’s what you’ll get in a nutshell...

  • Time-saving methods for handling administrative tasks like setting up programs, classes & memberships and managing your facilities & staff

  • The ability to increase awareness & visibility for your offerings with an SEO friendly online store and marketing tools that grow your business

  • An optimized, user-friendly online checkout experience Online billing, flexible payment options and customizable forms

  • A CRM platform to manage all your customer info for things like billing, payments, health & contact info, waiver forms, attendance and more

  • Real-time reporting on finances and activity-based info

Spend less time managing your administrative work so you can serve your community better.

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