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  • 8/2018
    THE DASHBOARD IS GETTING A NEW LOOK As we get ready to implement the new coach scheduler and lesson plan features (which will be free as a part of Speedy Grid), we want to prepare you for a few changes. We have decided to implement small changes first to prepare you for the BIG RELEASE! HOW THIS AFFECTS YOU: Managing your coaches now gets its own bubble since this will be a big part of the COACHES SCHEDULER FEATURE. The HOW TO videos will now include much more than just videos. As we learn new ways of explaining things and helping you learn, we will add them. EQUIPMENT TYPES AND SETUP We understand that setting up equipment has been the biggest struggle with many clients. We are hoping the new layout helps you with that. Under the new Equipment Section, we have split up the different types of equipment and added visuals to help break down the process. WHAT TO DO: Nothing! This doesn’t affect any of your hard work, just changes the way it looks. CLASS TYPES We have added class types. This will be used in scheduling coaches and attaching lesson plans when those features are launched. We just did not want to overwhelm you with a ton of new stuff at once. WHAT TO DO: •Go to Manage Classes – Class Types & Add all your different types of classes. We added some to start you off. Add/Delete/Make Your Own. •Go to Manage Classes – Edit Classes & add a class type to each class •Go to Manage Coaches & add as many class types to each coach. Use this as a way of ‘certifying’ them to coach these types of classes when we roll out the coach scheduling addition. MANAGING COACHES Managing your coaches will be pulled from the Account Settings tab and given its very own bubble on the dashboard. Adding admins and mangers will still be done the way you know. Be sure to start implementing class types and attaching them to users in preparation for the coach scheduling feature! We are diligently working on getting it perfect and ready to launch.
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