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Different Types of Equipment

Setting up your equipment can be challenging, as it requires you to look at your gym in a very different way. Below are explanations of each equipment type and examples of how to use them.

SIMPLE – Any single area/equipment in the gym that can be used by itself or as an individual rotation. For example:small bars, big bars, tumbl trak, preschool beams, small beams, big beams, dance room, floor panel 1, floor panel 2, floor panel 3, rod floor, vault runway, pit, rope, boys area, etc. The boundaries in your gym are endless. Set it up to describe your gym and customize it to what coaches call areas/equipment.

***NOTE You must list every thing in you gym as a simple equipment first!

ALIAS – Equipment being used together.  For example a class needs all the bars (both the small and big bars) or a class needs the entire floor (panels 1, 2, and 3). You would create an alias named ‘Bars’ and save. Once the screen auto refreshes go to that piece of equipment, select the pieces that go under that label (small bars and big bars in this example). This lets the program know to schedule those pieces together and block them from another class being scheduled there.

EQUIVALENCE – Consider this an either/or equipment. For example, you need a class to have one floor panel, but it does not matter which one. Create an equivalence piece named ‘Any Floor,’ save and the screen auto refreshes. Go back to this equipment, select all the floor panels and save. This lets the program know to schedule whichever floor is available. This tool is also useful in scheduling a warm up or fun area. Check out the ‘Setting Up A Warm Up Area’ section for more help in creating the equipment piece.

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