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Set Up A Warm Up Area As An Alias Equipment

There are several different ways to set up your warm up area. The easiest is to check the box ‘warm up’ as you set up your equipment. This will automatically schedule this equipment first. But, this can also lead to problems when the program generates the schedule, because each class will need one of them and you selected exactly where you want them to warm up. But does it matter where exactly they warm up? We have found an easy-peasy way to set up your warm up area!

Step 1 – Create a piece of equipment named ‘Warm Up’ and set as an equivalence.

Step 2 – SAVE…very important.

Step 3 – Select your Warm Up equipment and select all areas a class can warm up at (for example – floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, tumbl trak, vault, rod floor, etc.).

Step 4 – Check the box ‘Set As A Warm Up.’

Step 5 – SAVE…again, very important.

Step 6 – When managing classes and selecting the equipment rotation, select your warm up box for the desired amount of rotations. The program will schedule this first and choose one of the preset areas based on what is available.

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